By 30 June, 2017news

Summer officially started last week and that is synonymous with high temperatures and a well-deserved holiday. You now have some free time to spend with family and friends, rest, read, walk and, of course, to travel abroad. Whether you stay at home or take advantage to discover new places, you should never forget about your garden, terrace or green roof over the holidays.

Just as people need to drink water more often and protect themselves from the sun, plants also need special care. For example, it is important to keep flowers, plants and bushes out of direct sunlight, as the leaves could scorch or wither.

Another matter to bear in mind is watering. Even if it is true that water is important all year around, it is vitally important in the summer for your plants’ growth. Although it is commonly believed that we should water our gardens more often in the summer, what is important is knowing each species’ water requirements. Sometimes frequency is more important than the amount of water.

How can Igniagreen help you in the summer?

The Igniagreen system has a built-in drip watering system between the modules that makes it easy to look after your plants and, what’s more, it keeps water consumption down to a minimum. Thanks to the use of self-compensating drippers, watering can be efficient and water rationally used.

In addition, as the volume of the Igniaqua modules is known, it is possible to calculate the time it takes to fill them using drippers with different flow rates and not waste a single drop of water. Another of the advantages of this system is that it also stores rainwater, which can be used and, therefore, saves water.

¿How many times a week should I water my garden?

This is the typical question that we all ask ourselves when we do the gardening, especially in summer. The answer is the  Ignio sensor. This sensor measures the level of humidity in the substrate and as it is connected to a solenoid valve, the watering system can be automated so that the plants are watered depending on the humidity in the soil. If it detects levels lower than those set, it will send a command to the solenoid valve to turn on the water and fill the Igniaqua module

If you would like us to give you advice or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you!